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What's configurable?

Executing the -config command, you can change the following attributes:

  • Anti-Spam filter
  • Greeting Message
  • Goodbye Message
  • Invite Filter
  • IP Filter
  • Logs
  • Prefix
  • Auto-role
  • Set role

for more info on each feature, refer to running the command in your own server.

The Configuration Menu

The way you configure Poni to your server's needs has changed a tad. The change itself makes it easier to configure certain attributes of the bot through reactions instead of typing -config and then the attribute you want to change and how you want to change it. This is depicted in the image below.


The Syntax for most of the attributes is as simple as reacting with the attribute's corrosponding emoji and selecting whether you want it on or off by selecting the green check mark or the red X. However, attributes such as Prefix, Set role, Greeting and Goodbye messages you can reply to with plaintext after selecting the attribute's emoji in the configuration menu.

Anti-Spam Filter

This module allows you to filter out spam in your server.

Greeting Message

This module allows you to customize the Greeting message when users join your server. This can always be disabled by typing -silence, in doing so will also result in your Goodbye messages also being disabled.


This module allows you to configure the Goodbye message when a user leaves your server. This will always be displayed when users leave unless you have the server silenced.

Invite Filter

This module allows you to filter out discord invites / advertisements that are sent by members.

IP Filter

This module allows you to filter out IP addresses in your server. This can help prevent malicious activity in your server.


This module allows you to configure if deleted user messages are sent to your logs channel, post setup.


This module allows you to configure the prefix for your server.

Set role

This module allows you to set role IDs for Poni to reference so you are not limited to Poni's premade roles.

The role types you can configure are as follows:

  • Staff
  • Member
  • Trusted
  • Muted

These roles are needed for Poni to complete actions like mute users or let the agree module function.