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Points system


If you'd like to help the bot reach more servers please consider voting here. There's a 25-50 point bonus in it for you!


The point system has gone through many changes, it used to be you got points only through voting however now in the current v5.3 you get 1 point per 10 messages sent. Another thing to note is that your points are stored server wide, meaning you can spend and accumulate more points in other servers that use Poni.

Point commands

-points will display how many points you have accumulated in a nice little embed.

-lottery will display the current status of the current on-going lottery.

-lottery enter is used to enter the lottery draw.

Our lottery is a draw that is usually hosted daily. Tickets can be purchased for 5 points each and the payout is usually 100 points.

-pay allows you to pay your friends a specified amount of points of your choice (eg. -pay @user X)

-slots is like gambling but without the fear of losing your hard earned cash! (unless you're really serious about your points...) It's a basic 3 row slot game that you could either earn or lose off of.


What is Raiding? Isn't it a form of violating the ToS?

First off, let's answer your question. No, our form of raiding is completely different from "Server Raiding." Raiding with Poni is a fun way of being able to steal your friends points in a unique way. Doing the command -raid @user_name_here will cause an attack on that members points.

Are the raids 100% guaranteed to work?

Long story short, Poni Raids are not guaranteed to work. We're not giving away our secrets but we can tell you the more points you have the better you'll stand.

What a successful raid looks like.

What a failed raid looks like.

Can I Protect Myself?

Of course you can! Just type -shield and a neat little embed will notify you of your purchase. These cost 400 points a pop so keep your budget in mind when spending!

What it looks like to buy a shield.

Are there any strategies to raiding?

The only strategy there is at the minute is raiding your victim when they are offline, this will prolong the inevitable strike-back of your victim and give you a chance to get yourself a shield to protect your new found riches!


If you're curious as to what happened to the -store command, it was removed due to the command itself producing too many bugs to handle. Sorry for any trouble caused.